Scholati: Launching an EdTech App in a Competitive Market

Get the inside scoop on launching an educational app in today's competitive market - learn from Scholati's success story and find out how you can make your own!

"Divelement handled the changes in personnel well. Nothing got dropped, and the project was completed."

Kyle Ryman co-founded Scholati, an education technology company that seeks to make law school easier through a revolutionary web application. Divelement Web Services was contracted to develop this app and has gone above and beyond with additional features. These include drag-and-drop capabilities, flashcard algorithms, and a Stripe checkout.

The Divelement team also developed the client's most-requested feature for their beta testers and improved their existing code base to make things run smoother. This significantly boosted Scholati's user experience, earning them more positive reviews and, ultimately, more sales.


Before Scholati hired Divelement Web Services, they had a few goals and challenges to solve. As an educational technology company, their main objective was to make law school easier by creating a revolutionary web application. They needed a comprehensive platform with all the features to make it stand out from competitors.

Scholati faced several challenges during their journey: 

1.- Development of sophisticated features: Scholari wanted to include complex features such as drag-and-drop text editing, custom algorithms for displaying flashcards, and seamless integrations of stripe checkout. 

2.- Working on an existing code base: The app needed enhancements to become a minimally viable product (MVP), but working on an existing code base took a lot of work. 

3.- Finding the right partner: Scholati needed a reliable and experienced development partner who could deliver the app within their budget and timeline

Their challenges included needing more in-house knowledge to complete the task and a reliable web development partner to help them get their app off the ground.

Scholati was also looking to solve the task of improving their existing code base and quickly and cost-effectively implementing their most-requested feature for their beta testers. This would enable them to bring their revolutionary web application to life finally. In response to these goals and challenges, Scholati contacted Divelement Web Services. After shortlisting a few companies, they hired Divelement for their nearshoring benefits, competitive rates, and expertise in improving code bases. They asked Divelement to complete four deliverables in their React app, including implementing a drag-and-drop feature in a text editor, a custom algorithm for flashcards, proper handling for expired web tokens, and integration of Stripe checkout.

Key Takeaways

Key deliverables, and technologies to be used, The project was broken down into four main deliverables: 

  1. Implementing a drag-and-drop feature in a text editor

  2. Implementing a custom algorithm for flashcard display

  3. Implementing proper handling for the expired web tokens. 

  4. Integrations Stripes checkout.


Working with Divelement Web Services provided a host of benefits for Scholati. The most significant advantage was that the Divelement team had extensive knowledge and experience developing web applications, particularly in customizing features to meet the client's needs. They delivered high-quality code with an emphasis on scalability and maintainability.

The Divelement team also offered tremendous flexibility to Scholati, readily responding to requests for additional features and providing weekly updates on progress. Additionally, the communication was seamless, with a project manager as the main point of contact. Furthermore, if needed, they provided options for switching out junior developers midway through the project. All this allowed for the quick implementation of requested features and smooth collaboration throughout the project.

The project was completed within the allotted three-month time frame, with Divelement delivering high-quality code and providing updates on progress throughout the project. This successful collaboration between Divelement and Scholati showed how a professional app development team can provide excellent results quickly.


Overall, the partnership between Scholati and Divelement Web Services was a great success. This collaboration resulted in an improved web application that met Scholati’s needs. It enabled them to deliver their revolutionary product with enhanced features quickly and cost-effectively, fulfilling their goals of making law school easier for students everywhere. It is an excellent example of how a professional app development team can deliver high-quality, timely results. This successful partnership showed that bringing your revolutionary product to life quickly and cost-effectively is possible when you have the right web developer partner working alongside you.