Helping Rachio Improve Delivery

We helped Rachio improve their direct to consumer delivery, while helping them to save over $50,000 dollars.


Rachio, a smart home technology company, was in need of a partner to help integrate a headless CMS into their e-commerce website. They engaged Divelement, a nearshore software consultancy, for their expertise in React and Shopify, and the results have been outstanding.

Project Overview

The Challenge

Rachio's in-house developer was too busy to take on their project, so they needed someone to implement a headless CMS into their retail website.

The Approach

Divelement was hired to integrate Contentful into Rachio's website, which was built with React and integrated with Shopify. The Divelement team, consisting of a CEO, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend Developer, and Project Manager, was able to quickly learn the codebase and meet the project deadline.

The Outcome

Working with Divelement has been crucial for Rachio, as it's hard to find web development resources in today's market. Divelement has been able to maintain Rachio's agility as an e-commerce store, allowing them to sell their products without interruption and potentially saving them over $50,000 in employment costs.

Key Results

  • Successful integration of Contentful into Rachio's React and Shopify website

  • Ongoing maintenance and support from the Divelement team

  • Improved communication and project management, resulting in timely delivery and open discussions about any challenges

  • A reliable partner for Rachio, who has been able to adapt to their complex business model and tech stack

Why Divelement?

  • Expertise in React and Shopify

  • Strong team of developers based in Mexico, providing a cost-effective nearshore option

  • Proven track record of delivering successful projects on time and within budget

Customer Feedback

"We're impressed with their ability to come in and adapt to our tech stack and provide value for our company almost immediately.""They do a really good job of sticking to the timeframes, communicating consistently, and being responsive to our concerns."

Advice for Potential Customers

"The best practice for any contractor is to start with a limited engagement, so you can get a sense of how they interact with your codebase and tech stack."


Rachio's partnership with Divelement has been a huge success, offering a cost-effective solution for their CMS integration and providing ongoing support for their e-commerce website. If you're looking for a partner to help with your next web development project, consider Divelement for their expertise in React, Shopify, and nearshore staff augmentation.